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Individual & Couples Therapy Online and in Hermosa Beach

Specializing in Women's Mental Health

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I see your pain and it's big.  I also see your strength and it's bigger.

Initial phone consultations are always free.

Please reach out.  I'm here to help.

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“I don’t feel like myself”   

“I feel like I’m going crazy”   

“I’m really overwhelmed”   

“I’m having a really difficult time” 

“I can’t stop the thoughts”  

“I’m just waiting to feel like myself again”

Depression and anxiety are the most common complications in pregnancy and postpartum. 1 in 7 women will experience symptoms.  These feelings and thoughts do NOT mean that you're crazy -- they mean you are not alone.  Let’s talk about it.


I want to support you making it through the grief and pain. The unique healing power of therapy can be incredibly helpful in navigating these waves of emotion. You will never forget your loss, but you will smile and find joy again.

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Complications in getting pregnant and infertility are discouraging and it’s normal to feel cheated, confused and lost.  Has getting pregnant become a full-time, all-consuming priority that has taken over your normal life?  Let’s talk about how to keep your stress in check while you navigate the right path for your family.


Hitting one of those times in your life where nothing seems to be working the way it used to?  Have you lost the sense of who you are or used to be?  Are you fed up with where your relationship is, instead of where you thought it would be by now?  Did children “bomb” your marriage?  Was it already a little rocky before kids came along?  Let’s figure out what you really want and how to make the changes to get there.

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Hi.  I’m so glad you’re here. 

As a mom of two little kids in the South Bay, I get it.  The struggle is real and for many of us it can get pretty scary and confusing.  I invite you to explore your experience of pregnancy and parenthood -- the good and the bad -- and share the real moments that might otherwise go unspoken and unheard.


A little bit about me...

• I'm a South Bay native

• I completed my undergraduate work at U.C. Berkeley and earned my Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University Los Angeles


• I am a certified Perinatal Mental Health Specialist (PMH-C) and trained extensively in child/adolescent therapy

• I have been working with families since 2012

• I am an active member of Postpartum Support International and California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT)

My approach to therapy is a collaborative effort that fuses psychodynamic theory with solution-oriented goals.  I believe that we learn how to interact with the world through experiences in our youth.  Later, as adults, we can find ourselves stuck in patterns that aren't working anymore.  It's here that we can -- with support and understanding -- get better at living our lives. 

I am not the kind of therapist that sits back and nods at you.  You can count on an active and genuine relationship with me.  I am also trained in a wide range of theoretical and evidence-based modalities including family systems, attachment-focused, existential and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), that we can pull from to get the most out of your experience in therapy.   I see it as my job to truly learn who you are, honor that, and work with you to get you feeling better. 

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2309 Pacific Coast Highway, Suite 102, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

(424) 488-3224

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